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Types of Marble

As it is known all over the world, marble is one of the most famous types of natural stones which is known for its high-quality and can be used in many fields. Our company Afyom Marble supplies marble from the quarries of Bursa, Afyon, Usak, Izmir, Mugla, Marmara, Milas and Mustafa Kemal Pasha.

Our marble products can be displayed as follows:


Afyon White Marble

Afyon White marble is considered as the world's first-class marble and is one of the most widely used types of marbles. Afyon white marble is extracted from Afyonkarahisar region of Turkey. This marble has a beautiful white appearance. Due to its sturdy construction, it can be easily used indoors and outdoors. It is generally used for kitchen countertops, bathrooms, and large structures.


Afyon Gray Marble

Afyon Gray marble is a kind of desired marble by companies recently. Afyon Gray marble is extracted from Afyonkarahisar area. It is generally used in bathrooms, monumental structures, floor fittings, and tombs


Burdur Marble Beige ( Crema Uno ) ( Saraya Marfil )

It is also known as Yeşilova Beige Marble. It is produced in the Turkish province of Burdur, and it is one of the most preferred types of marble in the market. Since it is a durable and natural stone, it is used indoors and outdoors.


Kemal Pasha Marble

It is also known by different names because its wide usage, even in projects outside Turkey. Among its well-known names are Mustafa Kemal Pasha White Marble, Bursa White Marble and King's White Marble. Kemal Pasha marble is a medium-used product among the Local White marble. It is frequently used in building facade cladding, bathroom designs and exterior stair applications. Kemal Pasha marble is extracted from Izmir


Marmara Marble

It is also known as "Marmara White", "Marmara Panda", "Marmara Island Marble", "Turkish Bath Marble", "Marmara Zebra". It is a type of marble extracted from Marmara Island, which is associated with Balikesir Province. It is used in personal and private projects, this marble imparts a striking beauty and a spacious, playful look to certain areas. It is highly preferred for both indoor and outdoor applications. In addition, thanks to its high sulfur content, it is best used in areas that require hygiene such as bathrooms and pool areas.


Ushak White Marble

Ushak White Marble is an ordinary white natural stone. It rarely has gray or brown veins. It is frequently used in exterior decorations, floor coverings, stairs, handrail construction and bathroom works. As understood from the name Ushak marble, it is a marble that is produced in the Turkish province of Ushak


Mugla White Marble ( Ibiza Bianco )

Mugla White Marble is the most popular white marble that is produced in Turkey and is quarried in the Mugla region. It has low porosity. Such marbles with low pores are more durable and have the long-lasting property. It is used in all types of decorative projects, indoor and outdoor flooring, bathroom works, bench and table applications and staircase trim


Limra Marble

Limra marble is a natural, white-colored stone. Limra stone is mostly quarried from Antalya and the Mediterranean region. It is a high consumed product. It is frequently used especially in mechanical exterior and interior cladding projects, flooring and mosque projects


Bursa Light Beige Marble

It is also called as Bursa White Beige. This type of marbles has a creamy background and light brown colors. This stone, which comes from Bursa region, is used in high-capacity and intensive works. It is also used in many fields such as floor coverings, stair works, steps and outdoor decorations


Calacatta Marble

Calacatta marble is imported from Italy. It is an aesthetic product that appears in a very harmonious distribution of white color with black or gray patterns on it that spreads elegantly on its surface. This type of marble, which provides a luxurious appearance, is widely preferred for a range of applications today such as indoor and outdoor flooring, wall cladding and stair applications. It is often used in places such as shopping malls, villas, residences, hotels and tourist villages


Crema Nova Marble

Turkey has very large reserves of beige marble. With its beautiful colors, it adds freshness to the areas it is applied to and can be easily combined with many different types of marbles. This type of marbles is extracted from Bilecik quarries and is usually used in places such as shopping malls, hospitals, villas, hotels and tourist villages


Milas White Marble

Milas White Marble is a luxurious white Turkish marble which has white and gray inclusions. It is extracted from Milas district in Mugla. Its white color reflects purity and simplicity and is preferred in workplaces because it represents continuity and stability. Its areas of use are very wide. For example, it is used in all indoor and outdoor applications, in special projects such as kitchen countertops, bathrooms, shopping malls, wall coverings, Turkish baths and fireplaces.


Emperor Silver Marble

The emperor marble has very few reserves and it is among the most sought-after types of marble. It is produced in several regions of Turkey and has wide areas of use. This type of marbles, which have attractive colors, gives a very elegant look. It is a much sought after and preferred stone, especially for flooring and bathroom applications.


Silver Gray Marble (Tundra Grey)

Silver Gray Marble is a kind of marbles extracted from the quarries of Marmara Island. Since silver gray marble has a homogeneous texture and color, it provides a very impressive appearance in the areas where it is used. In addition, thanks to its antibacterial properties. That’s why it is usually used in wet areas where water usage is high such as bathrooms, Turkish public baths and kitchens.


Burdur Dark Beige Marble (Vanilla Cream) (Naboli Beige)

It is a type of marbles extracted in the Turkish province of Burdur. Being a natural stone is highly preferred for modern decoration and great presentations. It can be simply used in areas such as tourist villages, workplaces, private villas and pool decking


King Beige Marble

It also called Manisa Beige Marble . This type of marble is extracted from the Turkish region of Manisa. King beige marble has wide usage area thanks to its dynamic structure and light color tone. It is the indispensable marble of projects of large quantities such as hotels, hospitals, schools and shopping malls.



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